Bringing out the essential beauty of the body and mind



We have treated over 6,000 cases
for removal of bags and dark circles
from under the eyes and other
Our procedures leave as little
scarring as possible.

About Us
Ginza CUVO Clinic offers high-quality aesthetic medical care to clients based on our anti-aging concept.
We pursue anti-aging by expressing the natural beauty through the latest technology and total care of the body and mind.
For removal of fat around the eye that does not use a scalpel:original treatment
The cause of bags under the eyes is the presence of fat around the eyes. Appropriately adjusting the amount of this fat is the most important part of providing a natural, beautiful appearance. We offer an original procedure that uses a laser and goes from the back of the eyes to remove the fat around the eye without cutting the skin.


Director Induction

The mission of CUVO is to achieve true youthfulness and beauty together with our clients by correctly sharing the latest information on aesthetic medicine.

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We are consultation also welcome the first one.

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